1 p.m. - Interviews begin for ages 13-up
2 p.m. - Pageant begins for girls ages 0-1 and boys ages 0-5 (formal wear only, followed by crowning)
3 p.m. - Pageant begins for girls ages 2-3 (formal wear only, followed by crowning)
4 p.m. - Pageant begins for girls ages 4-6 and boys ages 6-up (formal wear only, followed by crowning)
5 p.m. - Pageant begins for girls ages 7-9 (formal wear first, followed by casual wear, then crowning)
6:30 p.m. - Pageant begins for girls ages 10-up (formal wear first, followed by casual wear, then crowning)

The pageant will be held at the BSDA Friendship Hall - 1024 Old Walkers Chapel Rd, Fultondale.
We will have a large, custom built stage - no carpet.

Doors open at 1 p.m. on Sunday.  You can come in at this time if you are getting ready at the Hall, but since we
do not take door entries, we do not require you to arrive early.  Just please be there, dressed and ready to walk
on stage at least 15 minutes prior to your pageant start time.  

The 14th Annual
Miss & Mr. Gardendale Pageant
Sunday, February 19th, 2017
Raising money to sponsor a Princess for the Just Keep Smiling Foundation.

No Residency Restrictions!  You do not have to live in the area to compete!
We will be awarding ROUND CROWNS, AWESOME GIFTS, and LOTS MORE!!!
ALL contestants will receive a tiara and personalized participation gift!

Age Divisions: Girls 0-1 yr, 2-3 yrs, 4-6 yrs,
7-9 yrs, 10-12 yrs, 13-15 yrs, 16 yrs-up
Boys 0-5 yrs, 6 yrs-up (more divisions added with enough interest)
With more than 12 contestants entered in any division, we will split that division into two groups.
With less than 3 in a division, we may combine divisions.
Elite Pageant Productions
P.O. Box 1884
Gardendale, Alabama  35071

Phone: (205) 529-2244
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Mailing List

Competition will include:
Photogenic – ALL contestants.  You will need to bring a photo with you on pageant day to be judged for photogenic competition.  Turn your photo in as soon as
you arrive on pageant day.  Photo should be 8x10 or smaller and no professional retouching is allowed.  Additional photos may be entered for $5 each.  Label each
photo with the contestant’s name on the back.  Photogenic winners in each age division will receive an award and
two points toward her total score.  You may elect
not to compete in the Photogenic competition, but you will not be eligible to receive the two points awarded to the Photogenic winner.
Formal Wear – ALL contestants.  Dress should be age-appropriate and in good taste.  Pageant dress is expected, but Sunday Best is acceptable.  
No super heavy makeup or fake teeth or hair for ages 0-6.  Sunday Best or Tuxedo for boys.
Casual Wear – Girls ages 7-up ONLY.  This can be anything - be creative and let your style and personality shine! Outfit should be age-appropriate and in good
taste. Be prepared to show your personality as you walk the stage to upbeat music (we will provide all music).
Interview – Girls ages 13-up ONLY.  Contestants will each have a 3-minute private interview with our panel of judges.  Judges will ask questions based on the
answers you submit on your entry form.  They may also ask questions related to community, school, and other teen/young adult issues.  Your interview will
conclude with a 30-second opportunity for you to tell the judges more about yourself. PLEASE have your 30-second speech prepared.  You should dress as you
would for a job interview.  The week of the pageant, you will receive your assigned interview time.  You should arrive at the hall, dressed & ready by that time.  
Side Events (optional) – All contestants are eligible to compete.  Prettiest Eyes, Prettiest Hair, Prettiest Smile, Best Dressed, and Most Beautiful.  These
events will be judged during the line-up after Formal Wear competition.  Side event winners in each age division will receive an award and
one point toward her total
score.  *Boys are also eligible to compete in side events.  Awards will include Best Eyes, Best Hair, Best Smile, Best Dressed, and Most Handsome.*  
Side events are $5 each to enter.

Entry Fees:
Entry Fee is $65 for Ages 0-6 (includes Photogenic and Formal Wear)
Entry Fee is $75 for Ages 7-12 (includes Photogenic, Formal Wear, and Casual Wear)
Entry Fee is $85 for Ages 13-up (includes Photogenic, Formal Wear, Casual Wear, and Interview)
Optional Side Events are $5 each (any age)
Entry Fee for Boys is $55 (includes Formal Wear only)

DEADLINE FOR ENTRY IS FEBRUARY 13TH.  NO DOOR ENTRIES.  Late entries may be accepted if space permits, but you MUST contact the director before
entering after the deadline.  Make checks payable to Elite Pageant Productions. Checks and money orders can be mailed in (PO Box 1884, Gardendale, AL
35071). Credit cards can be called in to 205-529-2244. PayPal is also accepted - PayPal address is All fees are non-refundable
unless the pageant is cancelled. $30 fee for all returned checks.  No checks accepted after the deadline—credit cards or cash only accepted for late entries.

Dressing Rooms – There is a dressing room available, but please limit family members to 1 per contestant in the dressing room at a time.  No cameras and no
men allowed in the dressing room at
any time.  Please remove all your personal items from the dressing rooms after your crowning ceremony to allow space for the
next group of contestants to come in. *Boy contestants will need to arrive dressed, or change in the men's restroom.*

Admission Tickets – Be sure to tell your family and friends to come cheer you on!  Doors will open to the public at 1 p.m. on Sunday.  Everyone except
contestants and ONE parent must pay admission.  Tickets are $8 for adults and $5 for children age 3-10.  Children 2 & under that will not require a seat are free.  
Cash only is accepted at the door.  
NO checks or credit cards accepted at the door.  

Program Book Ad Pages - We will have professionally printed program books for sale on pageant day.  Ad pages are available for purchase for $25 each and
include up to 4 photos of your choice, and a place for your wording.  Perfect for family & friends to show their support or to advertise your business.  Ad pages can
be purchased by check, paypal, or credit card.  Call the director at (205) 529-2244 or email to purchase.  The contestant with the most
ad pages will be named the 2017 Cover Girl.  Deadline to purchase an ad page is February 13th.

Stage Layout - The stage is a large rectangle.  Contestants will enter and exit the stage from the back middle. There will be an X in the back center, and three X's
across the front of the stage.  These are just guidelines, though.  Please feel free to walk however you feel most comfortable.  Due to time constraints, we will not
have a rehearsal, and the main stage will not be available to practice on, but there is a small stage in the dressing room that you are welcome to use for practice.  

Titles Awarded:
Baby/Tiny/Petite/Little/Junior/Teen/Miss Gardendale 2017 (winner from each age group)
Little/Mr. Gardendale 2017 (boys winner from each age group)
Runners-Up and Princess Court in each age group
Photogenic Winners (one from each age group)
Optional Side Event Winners (winners from each age group)
ALL contestants will receive a participation tiara and a personalized participation gift!

We do have very limited booth space available for vendors who would like to set up.  Booths are $50 for the day.  Contact the director at 205-529-
2244 or email if you are interested in setting up a vendor booth.  Space is reserved on a first-come, first-paid basis.   

IMPORTANT – Bad sportsmanship will not be tolerated by contestants, parents, or audience members at any time and may result in either immediate
disqualification without refund or removal from the auditorium without refund.  NO ONE may approach a judge before or during the pageant.  Score sheets are
available immediately after crowning.  All judges’ decisions are final.

Before being allowed to compete, each contestant must have a parent or guardian read and sign a hold harmless agreement which reads:  We, the
undersigned, as a prospective contestant and as the parent or legal guardian of said prospective contestant attest that the information given is correct and we give
our consent for participation.  We also agree to hold harmless the Pageant Program, Elite Pageant Productions, the Pageant Director, pageant staff, the facility,
and any other representatives of these groups of any and all responsibility of personal injury, theft, and/or damage of personal property during the designated time
of appearances, competitions, and during travel to and from these events.  All photos and video taken of contestants may be used by Elite Pageant Productions for
future promotional purposes.
Click HERE for an online entry form.

Be sure to pay your entry fees before the deadline.  You can mail in your fees to
Elite Pageants, P.O. Box 1884, Gardendale, AL 35071, or we can take credit cards
via phone (205) 529-2244 or through PayPal.

If you'd like to pay your entry fees now, please click the PayPal button above.
*Make sure to put the contestant's name in the description*